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For today’s topic, we are going to discuss what I hope is the start of a new evolution for darts in America. For many years, things seemed to have been stagnating in the steel tip game with no real potential for growth on the horizon. All over social media one can come across many different complaints from the players, comments that this event or that event is failing, and many players bemoaning the lack of sponsorships. Yet, oddly enough, it is difficult and next to impossible just to get people to “like” a social media page dedicated to something darts related, let alone actually share the page with their friends to help promote it. And then everyone wonders why events are losing steam and things are fading away into the sunset. Just remember that it starts with you, the player, to help grow things. Quit relying on someone else to do the work for you so you can just sit back and enjoy it. Take a moment out of your busy Facebook life and do something positive for darts.  

And here is where you can start. Welcome to the USSDA, the United States Sports Dart Alliance. The USSDA is a start-up, for profit business organization for promoting steel tip darts in America. The USSDA is the brainchild of Chuck Hudson, who serves as Owner and President. The USSDA also has a group of investors and advisors helping to achieve the goal of making the USSDA an important part of the America dart landscape. 

So now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little bit more about the USSDA, its purpose and its goals for darts in America.

What is the purpose of the USSDA?  The USSDA was started to give players more options to compete and to help build a grass roots darts community where players can develop their skills. We are a phase driven operation and have some big ideas for the future, we will turn on new programs as we grow.

How do leagues and players join the USSDA?  We have forwarded information to many leagues and are getting new requests as well. You can contact us through our website at or our Facebook page. We will send you the partnership information.   

What does the USSDA have to offer my league and players?  The USSDA wants to help leagues and dart organizations help themselves and attract new membership. All partners will have a dedicated web page on our website. (Example: ). We offer cost effective partnership dues and reduced entry fees into National Championship events for their membership. Partners can host our long format 501 or Cricket events as part of a local tournament or a stand-alone event.

What is on the horizon for the USSDA? We are finalizing the details on our Winmau Cricket National Championship and should have an announcement soon. Lora Josey is building America’s first disability darts organization and it too will fly under our banner once completed. We are happy to support this new venture and look forward to helping this organization grow and expand our sport. South Carolina has become the first state with four partner organizations so we will begin organizing their USSDA SC State Championships soon. We want to start organizing long format events and qualifiers throughout the country. 

What role do your sponsors play in the USSDA? We are delighted to announce a three year partnership agreement with Winmau, “The Force Behind Darts “. They support darts in America through their US Distributor, Dutchman Darts, in Massachusetts. Having their support is important on so many levels and gives us a solid base to grow and launch new events.

Were you happy with the Winmau 501 Nationals? Yes, very happy. We had a vision and thanks to a lot of hard work from some amazing people, we had a very nice turnout of 51 players. We also lost one player due to airlines issues. There are some very special people in the Myrtle Beach dart community that played important roles to the success of the event. We were able to payout 100% of the money collected from the players and add additional money for a final purse of $3,550.00. From the USSDA blog regarding the first ever Winmau 201 National Championship: On October 27th, 2017 the USSDA held the first ever Winmau 501 National Championship in Myrtle Beach, SC. The event was hosted by the Ghost on the Coast and crowned a Men's and Ladies National Champion. There we 42 men and 9 women after having a late cancellation due to airlines issues. ​ 

They started off with a seeding bracket before moving into a knockout round of long format best 4 of 7 legs. The ladies had 2 brackets while there were 10 brackets for the men. The event saw a lot of closely contested matches where the outcome was in doubt right up to the last dart. ​ 

In the Ladies Finals, Sandy Hudson of Greater Greenville Darts won 4-0 over Candi Ellis of Revolver Darts. ​ 

In the tight Men's Final Joe Efter of Coastal Empire Dart League edged Danny Delfino of Greater Greenville Darts 4-3 to claim the title.   

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